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chefcdb's Journal

Chris DeBarr
I'm the Chef at The Delachaise, a wine bar and restaurant in New Orleans. I was fortunate to find this job after the federal levees failed my beloved city; my house was wrecked and my previous job never returned since the restaurant, Christian's, sustained heavy flood damages. The previous chef for The Delachaise didn't make it back either, so I walked into a new opportunity.
We have an ever-changing array of wines, many great spirits and unusual beers, and my job is to provide great food to fit the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan bar. So far, so good! I'm having an absolute blast sourcing cool ingredients, presenting over 20 artisanal cheeses, and showcasing my ideas and passion for food in ways that celebrate the ways New Orleans seems to be a European port city on the Mediterranean more than a typical American city.
I hope to shed some light on why I do what I do: cooking the most joyous bar food ever seen in New Orleans. The journal may deal with personal stuff, too, with rarer rants about the ongoing problems we face rebuilding the funky soul of America, which is what New Orleans will always be. Mainly, I plan for this to be a window into my working world, flashes of fire and culinary inspiration, and a document of one cook doing anything I can to bring one kitchen in New Orleans roaring back to life.
In June, 2008, I left The Delachaise on my own terms. I look forward to exploring new opportunities as a chef, whether behind the stoves in a different venue in New Orleans, or writing about food, or teaching classes in the city. Please stay tuned to my blog for the latest info, and thanks to all my loyal diners and readers for your kindness and support.