Chris DeBarr (chefcdb) wrote,
Chris DeBarr

eating dirt

eating dirt

I dream of a land big and true
40 acres and a mule
into this dreamworld I burrow
knowing how far yet I have to go

the only thing that may surprise you
is that on this land you won't see me
for am I not the farmer, nor the mule
to see my home quite serene all you do is dig below
just dig below

for I have given my earthly robe to this dirt
a gleam of bone, a trace of a smile warm as the sun
working with microbes to fix this show, to catch what all
goes floating by. Return these songs, this fleck of pain
to a land just below, just below

given as good as good can get, relinquish
wanting as much as a heart can make, surrender
fear of the pain is worse than death, grow

turn this dirt in your hands
let the crumbled pieces expose
that thing you never dreamed before
listen here's the song I sing
there are no words left to know
there are no words left to know

for all I do is to take this dirt & chew upon the hurt
yea verily, just chew upon the hurt

simply put I'm eating dirt
that's true, who knew, that this would be the thing to do

yet the song is so sublime, and no...
this is not death, nor even the sound & fury of the dying
all I do is seek to lose
what was, inside of what will be
to do this requires nothing more & nothing less
than a healthy dose of eating dirt inside out

for all I do is to change the hue of hurt & woe
back into the elemental truth, that Spring soon comes
and versed in these we send forth our tender chutes & shoots
to conquer the indifference of the noisy few who point & shout
about what's of little consequence when all you do is eat the dirt

ah, my latest work is not too flashy
simple stalks of milkweed transmitting this news
like a radio of dirt, just in time for something wobbling
a passing royalty visiting a scruffy patch for chewing earth
like nectar, monarchs sail towards the refuge of "if we only knew
what it means to miss...knowing how to eat dirt..."

--a metamorphosis blues
by Chef Chris DeBarr
PDX 3/5/2014
first take poetry

Tags: eating dirt, organic, poems, soil

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