Chris DeBarr (chefcdb) wrote,
Chris DeBarr

Ready for Spring?

Hello again. Sorry it has been such a while since I wrote a blog. Writing wise, I've been playing with Twitter (my handle is @chefcdb so follow me if u wish!) and learning about Facebook for Serendipity. Gradually writing up our recipes too, with the help of my longtime chef de cuisine, Marko, so we have been busy behind the scenes. Marko just returned from an epic trip to India, inspired & feisty, and we are contemplating our Spring menu changes.

It has also been an intense winter, learning how to make the most of our Mid-City following for the restaurant, adapting to the neighborhood now that I am a resident of Esplanade Ridge, and learning to ride a bicycle. The hours are long when you start a new place, and so in all this season of transitions and tests, finding the hidden pool of words I use to mediate this world of cooking, love, and work got set aside, as I have been getting settled into the proper depths to reflect our sense of breathing space for Serendipity.

Spring has been delayed a bit this week before Easter, with what amounts to chilly blasts to we tropical fleurs of Nola, but if you were in the true Frozen North, you'd laugh at us huddled & bundled up against 50 degree temps. Nonetheless, this week is a time of reflection for me, and look for a few more frequent & smaller puddles of words to splash around in joyously celebrating our love of cooking, and a few more words about wines as well.

As a lifetime reader, it takes turning the page to see the rest of the story, right? Sometimes in life, it can be a crazy process to see the pages turn in your own life. I am feeling the optimism of this blossoming season, and will bring you more freshly cut fleurs & words from my kitchen to you very soon. It's a promise...

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