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Chris DeBarr

Our Bomb Ass New Year's Eve Menu

So in our mercurial & inspired way at Serendipity, we have decided to enjoy putting on lunch every weekday, from 11:30-2:30, starting this Monday. Enjoy our creative, jazzy style for a lovely meal Mon-Fri. Come & getcha some...

I just posted the lunch menu on our Facebook page

So over here at my blog, I felt like showcasing our New Year's Eve menu:

New Year's Eve Menu

1st Course

Roasted Oyster & Absinthe Chowder
--fennel, parsnips, & rutabaga, creamy soup, "super kill"olive oil


Satsuma Filled w Crabmeat, Oceanic Champagne Gelée, Seaweed Glitter, Pickled Ginger

2nd Course

Steak Tartare, with truffle emulsion sauce & petite salad of flowers & greens

Snails & Exotic Mushrooms in Bacon Fat Profiteroles, w Cauliflower-Garlic Cream

3rd Course

Spice Islands Rabbit Confit
Indonesian Spices & Satay Sauce, Jasmine Rice 'Grits,' with Pickled Vegetables & Sambal


Black 'Squid Ink' Paella w Chorizo & Clams, with Saffron Shrimp

--Serendipity Palate Cleanser, a surprise sorbet...

4th Course
Redfish "Amandine" w vegetable terrine & almond skordalia sauce, w smoky almonds, Rye Whiskey Brown Butter, OR

Duck Breast in Pomegranate Glaze with "Dirty Rice" Risotto (stuffed in piquillo pepper)
Duck Demimonde Sauce, Cracklins Powder Scattered...

5th Course
Medjool Dates Filled with foie gras mousse & roasted
Served with Luxardo Cherry Syrup


Sparkly Passion Fruit Semifreddo w Baba Au Rum

We are doing a 6 pm seating & a 9 pm seating, for $99 (which includes tax & tip, AND a delicious sparkling wine toast)

I also will definitely have vegetarian options at each & every course. If ya wanna know more, please gimme a call or leave a message with your email & I will discuss my veg ideas for this gala NYEve...gladly!

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