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Let the Picnics Begin at Serendipity

So we are launching our first lunch service this Friday, on Nov. 30 at Serendipity from 11:30-2:30. That's tomorrow, y'all! We are going to keep up these Friday lunches moving forward, and as a little lagniappe we will run the same menu on this Sunday, Dec. 2 for our brunch, with a couple of egg surprises, too from 11 am-3 pm. We will do the same Fri & Sun things next week, too.

I have always wanted to call our daytime service "Picnic" instead of lunch (and especially not brunch-- the more than four letter curse word that is the scourge of serious cooks, I jokingly say) because a picnic is a joyful escape from the routine, right?!! So let the Picnics begin @ Serendipity! Here is the menu we are gonna run:

Serendipity Picnic Menu

3 Sisters Stew
black beans, hominy, and winter squash together in a thick soup
finished with pumpkin seed & jalapeño molé $8

Cream of Cauliflower Soup
confetti of roasted cauliflower & potato, scallion oil $8

Crab & Corn Johnnycakes
little cornmeal "blini" carrying jumbo lump crabmeat
roasted red pepper/eggplant purée & wasabi caviar $10

Greener than Green Salad
Arugula tossed with honeydew melon,
Thai sweet & spicy pumpkin seed brittle,
chèvre & basil-ginger vinaigrette $10

Farmer's Market Salad
arugula, cannellini beans, duck sausage, fried baby artichokes &
grilled grapefruit wheels with a roasted garlic vinaigrette $13


Cochon de Lait/Lei 'Sliders'
Hawaiian BBQ Pork between cornbread
with Adobo-braised greens & homemade potato chips $10

Tequila Shrimp Poor Boy
Local shrimp tossed in tequila-mango glaze
with julienned vegetables & pickles, Sriracha aioli $12

Father Pat's Grilled Cheese
Cahill's Irish Porter (made w/ Guinness), organic pear butter, dark bread $9

Twice-baked potato $4 with Aged Gouda or Blue Cheese. Add Nueske's Bacon $5

Homemade potato chips: $3

Mashed sweet potatoes with orange & roasted garlic

***** ***** *******

Adriatic Cabbage Rolls
Filled with ground buffalo, pork, and rice in a 'red gravy'
with homemade sauerkraut & bacon $14

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Shrimp & Fried Oyster Salad
Romaine lettuce, radishes, cucumber, yellow squash
& Remoulade dressing $16

Two Run Farm Sirloin Steak
Dry-aged beef from Mississippi ranch, grilled & sliced to order
Chimichurri sauce, with twice-baked potato & arugula $15

Turkey Necks & Grits
Turkey Necks Braised in Marsala Wine & Black Truffle 'Gravy'
Over Jasmine Rice Grits we grind in house... $14

Wintry Orecchiette Pasta
Tossed with wilted greens, Ribbons of daikon from Chef's backyard garden,
Carrots, white wine, grated pecorino cheese, & Greek olive oil $14

Alligator Sausage, artichokes in crab boil, 3 cheese blend
Artichoke leaves, lemon butter & arugula $12


Cookie Plate: variety of cookies baked in house $5

Chocolate & Almond Cake 'Bruschetta'
Grilled cake, topped with honey-whipped ricotta
& Luxardo cherries & chocolate $6

Sultan's Nest
pistachio gelato & absinthe ice cream
served under a "nest" of phyllo baked in
saffron honey & topped with whipped cream $8

Homage to Hubig's Pie
an interpretation of the
multifaceted glory of pie $8
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