October 4th, 2012

Swedish Chef

The Magic Show of Serendipity Begins!

It was a long, strange ride to finally realize our beautiful dreamship restaurant, but finally I am delighted to announce that Serendipity is open! Located along historic Bayou St. John, on 3700 Orleans Ave (next the Mid-City branch of the public library!) as the big, bodacious restaurant for the American Can Apartments, our restaurant really brings all my desires as a chef to a fruitful blossoming. We bring the same sassy strut, the love of the unexpectedly beautiful, and the same flair for relentless creativity that has been my calling card as a chef for these many years.

Finally we have a proper, even a tad glamorous, dining room that gives comfort and elegance to let us take care of our guests. Ed Diaz and Bug Brockway collaborated with me on the look of Serendipity, which we transformed with old-fashioned golden Edison light bulbs, a huge bar loaded with esoterica, and a sleek lounge area where folks can unwind after a long day at work. We aim to be 'a neighborhood joint' with fair prices that get folks thinking about coming by any old time, whether for a quick drink and a snack, or for a lovely multi-course feast.

Currently, we open at 6pm -10 pm for supper, 7 nights a week, with extended hours on the weekend to 11 pm for food and the bar open to midnight. Sooner than later, we will expand hours to include a weekend thing we prefer to call 'Picnic' rather than brunch (bcuz a Picnic is ever so much more fun, right?) and eventually we will morph our Picnic into a 7 days a week lunch service. But for now, as a committed night owl, we are focusing upon the pleasures of 'Supper' which we think of as a time to bring your family & friends together for a festive time to celebrate all the reasons why we love New Orleans.

The menu features a few of the signature dishes we became known for, with a few of them, such as Lafcadio's Creole Cuuried Lamb Baklava now taking center stage at Serendipity. We are playing around with some new things, such as Malaysian Red Curry Goat Empanadas & our Greek "Fish Taco" (which is a Mediterranean daydream about fish as street food, using Gulf fish poached in white wine on a kabob with artichokes & roasted tomatoes, and served on a turnip latke masquerading as a crunchy taco) that expand our range we rove as intrepid chefs, but the we bring out some Deep South old school casserole in my Golden Corn Casserole, with wisps of shredded yellow squash, carrots, cheeses, and baked in individual ramekins in a salute to the soul food I grew up with. I've been making this casserole for almost 30 years at home, but I felt it was time to give it to my people in New Orleans.

We love presenting our treasures here in Mid-City, where we can get back to cooking for New Orleanians all the time. We want to be the big,fun restaurant in this wonderful neighborhood that is right in the center of everything in Nola.

So, my babies, don't be shy & come see about us here at Serendipity. (504) 407-0818 to make a reservation (only if u want to) & have some fun with us....